About Us

Our values

For more than 25 years, deep-rooted values have guided our daily operations.

We value convenience, the environment, healthy eating and, above all, the enjoyment of a good meal.

The result is excellent-quality foods that combine the tastes of the world with down-home simplicity.

Gourmet pleasures

Eating is a sensory experience that should be savoured.

We listen closely to food connoisseurs and are always looking out for culinary innovations.

From our efforts come exquisite tastes and appetizing discoveries – genuine cooking prepared with quality ingredients and spiced with flavours from around the globe.

Health and nutrition

Just like real home-cooked meals, Canton products are made with natural ingredients and delightfully seasoned for a fresh, authentic taste.

They contain no additives or preservatives, so you benefit from foods that are as healthy as they are flavourful.


Canton products are ready to eat and spiced just right, for meals that are both delicious and simple to prepare.

This way, you can rely on handy and wholesome meals wherever you go.

Ethics and the environment

We apply practices that support the environment and consumer safety.

Our CuisipakTM packaging encourages efficient waste management and minimizes the energy required for transportation, while our stringent processing procedures ensure the impeccable quality of our products.

Moreover, we’re the first Quebec company in our industry to obtain HACCP/FSEP recognition from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

  • Opening of the first food processing plant in Saint-Damase

  • Entry in the specialized products industry with Canton fondue broth

  • Expansion of the specialty food products line with the introduction of fondue sauces

  • Launch of three new Canton broths and six new fondue sauces

  • Fondue sauces are introduced in new sizes – an instant success!

  • A new line of dessert fondues

  • A new 990-ml size for Canton fondue broths

  • Adoption of the corporate name "Lassonde Specialties Inc." (formerly "Produits Ronald Inc.")

  • Lassonde Specialties celebrates Canton's 25th anniversary

  • New packaging in carton.

    Partnership with Laura Secord

  • New flavor À la Forestière