From starters to dessert, did you know that Canton is the best-kept secret to cooking delicious meals every time? Take a break from routine and click on to discover a wide range of easy recipes that go from kitchen to table often in mere minutes. Our famous broths, sauces or dessert fondues lend themselves to all types of seasonal cooking, from the crock pot to the barbecue and fondue pot. Whether you're in the mood for a healthy recipe or an indulgent treat, food's ready!


Chicken and pineapple kebabs

Provençale chicken legs

Root vegetable and chicken fricassee

Chicken thighs stuffed with caramelized onions and cranberries

Hearty asian soup

Hearty oriental coconut milk soup

Warm asparagus, chicken & roast pepper salad

Creamy salmon corn chowder

Tomato & olive chicken drumsticks

Honey & brie chicken breasts

Spice & pecan-crusted chicken breasts

Orange-flavoured oriental delight grilled chicken breasts

Dijon chicken parmesan

Baked chicken with vegetables

Double dip

Theme Work

Royal Thaï Fondue

Amore! Amore! Italian Fondue

“Good Evening Vietnam” Fondue

Lime-Ginger BBQ Chicken Wings

Naan Club for Two


Chicken Thighs with Kalamata Gremolata